First Visit

"Each spring I suffer from allergy-induced asthma. I was skeptical when Taiya Graham first told me that Rolfing could help me breathe easier. Taiya worked on my upper body particularly around the chest, while having me breathe deeply and having me lay in several different positions. Immediately after the Rolfing session I felt as if my lung capacity had increased a little. But what was most surprising was that within three days all the fluid had drained out of my lungs and I was back to 100% lung capacity.

"I would recommend to any one who is asthmatic to try Rolfing for some relief. Taiya Graham has also helped relieve my sore overworked muscles and has been instrumental in the recovery from muscle injuries in my shoulder."

engineer and rock climber

Comfortable and Convenient

Conveniently located near Columbia and Catonsville my office is located 3 minutes from charming Historic Ellicott City with quaint shops and restaurants; directly across from The Breadery offering breads, scones, muffins, wines, infused oils and vinegars; and next to the paved Trolley trail for a walk in the woods ending in Ellicott City. My private treatment room is pleasant and relaxing with natural light. Temperature is controlled to your needs and desires.

Getting Started

At the beginning of your visit we will discuss the Health Questionnaire you completed prior to coming. We will discuss why you are coming for Rolfing, the history of your symptoms, your goals for Rolfing, and any other questions you may have.

I will step out of the room and have you disrobe: women may wear undergarments, bikini or bra and gym/bike shorts; men may wear swim trunks or gym/bike shorts. I will have you stand and walk a short distance as we look at your structure and make observations.

Getting to Work

Following this initial assessment, I will have you lie on the table and we will begin Rolfing. Your comfort is my priority. Once you are on the table, you may choose to have a sheet or blanket covering you. When the session has ended, I will step out of the room for you to dress. Please allow 90 minutes from the time you arrive until you leave my office.

Keeping in Touch

Communication is important. Please let me know the areas that feel tender, sore, or tight. If the work gets uncomfortable, please let me know so together we can adjust the pressure to be most effective.

Please be assured that sessions are completely confidential.


30 minute initial consultation: free
75 minute session: $150


I accept cash or check at the time of service. I do not take insurance, however, you may check if your insurance company covers massage therapy. If so, I will provide you with a statement for your submission. Rolfing may be eligible for payment by your Flexible Spending Account. Tips are not expected.


Schedule Changes

I kindly ask that you would give at least 24 hours for cancellations or scheduling changes. I charge my full rate for missed appointments or cancellations with less than 24 hours notice.